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Check out the FANTASTIC review by The Midwest Book Review, published in the Nov. 2011 issue of  Children’s Bookwatch Online Magazine!

What readers are saying about Isabella Propeller

Beautifully illustrated and artfully told, my 4 year old granddaughter saw things I missed. I’m afraid this will be one of the books kids don’t get tired of and parents will soon know the words by heart. Hope a sequel will soon follow. I can see a series of mini-Mitford tales.

– Charles D

“I think many children will enjoy Isabella’s open-hearted view of the natural world, as well as her magical adventure. Gail Haley’s mixed media illustrations of brush and ink on three-ply strathmore paper with watercolor pencils and watercolor are a lovely combination of the everyday world of family and fun and the magic world of the Wind Keeper and Red Tail the hawk. The layouts are varied and convey emotion, movement, and wonder. The colors are vivid and beautiful. Of course, the Legend of the Blowing Rock lends its own special aura and who can resist a puppy in danger? I was formerly the Children’s Literature Specialist at ASU’s library and I would have selected this book for children’s literature collection.”

—Susan Golden

“Being a veteran teacher of young children, I can honestly say that this book encompasses several of the experiences that we hope our children embrace in life: love of family, friendship, trust, adventure, courage and imagination.”

—Anne Huffman

 ” Really great book! Well written and the artwork is beautiful!”

– Billie Smith Rogers

 “As a first grade teacher, I am always looking for books with meaningful characters, great stories and beautiful illustrations. Isabella Propeller h…as it all. Set in the quaint town of Blowing Rock, Isabella discovers some of the hidden folklore of the town and embarks on what is sure to be the first of many adventures. Her magic beanie and red feather help her fly, but as the Wind Keeper tells her, she must use this power only for good. Beautifully illustrated and with a nice map of Isabella’s town, this book is surely one to keep the attention of young children as well as hold the interest of those who can read it for themselves. You will definitely want to add Isabella Propeller to your collection of keepsakes!”

                                                                                                                                      -Carol F

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